Pipe and tube manufacturers demand industrial-strength equipment to support their need for reliable product identification. Marking systems that are designed for use in harsh industrial environments ensure that product is properly marked without production interruptions. Count on Pannier to help you with all your marking needs:

  • high-speed in-line printing of text, logos, and bar codes
  • permanent indent marking and laser marking systems
  • small run and re-marking applications
  • striping systems for color coding
pipe stencil printers

Ink Jet Printers for Stenciling Pipe

Ink jet printers automatically stencil pipe on production lines running up to 800 feet/minute. Data can be automatically loaded to print size, grade, and industry specifications along with automatic date and time coding. Eliminates the need to hand-stencil pipe to meet NSF/ANSI, ASTM, and API marking requirements.

White Stenciling On Steel Pipe

Large Character DOD Ink Jet Printers

High contrast stenciling with black, bold white, or colored inks. Print messages from 1/8″ to 2-5/8″ high.

Dye Base DOD Printers >
Pigmented DOD Printers >

High Resolution TIJ Ink Jet Printer For Pipe And Tube

High-Res Ink Jet Printers

Print high resolution text, images, and bar codes on pipe and tube. TIJ systems use replaceable ink cartridges for maintenance-free operation.

Pipe Printers & Coders

Rotary Pipe Printer

Offset Pipe & Tube Printers

Simple, economical printers for marking text, high-quality logos, and stripes. Easy print and color changes.

T-55 Hand Bar Tube Printer

Small Run Pipe Printer

Hand-held printer for marking individual pipes and small batches with messages up to 12″ long.

Striping Pipe And Tube

Color Striping Systems

Print colored stripes on pipe for defect marking, weld seam marking, and visual identification of different grades.

Industrial Printing Inks

Printing Inks

Pannier offers a wide range of printing inks for marking on metals, plastics and rubber.

Pipe Stamping

Pipe Stamping Machine

Portable Pipe Marker

Uniquely identify pipe and downhole equipment with one or more lines of information. Deep marks withstand wear and can be read after painting or coating.

Roll Marking Dies For Pipe And Tube

Roll Dies for Continuous Marking

Permanently indent pipe or hose with size and grade identification. Mark pipe continuously as it moves on the line.

Rotary Dot Peen Marking Fixture

Rotary Dot Peen Marking

Mark around pipes and connectors with information programmed into the touchscreen controller or downloaded from a host computer.