Pannier Corporation has a long history of helping metal producers and processors identify and track their products. Reliable marking systems provide manufacturers with assurance that every product can be positively identified and tracked throughout every stage of production, inventory, and shipping.

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Pannier at wire rebar mill

Tracking Hot Steel with Bar Codes and 2D Codes

Pannier introduced the high-temperature printed metal tag to the steel industry in the 1980s, allowing metal producers for the first time to label red-hot products with bar codes. Bar coding slabs and billets at the caster allows for unmatched inventory control with durable, mistake-proof identification.

Pannier’s laser metal tag printers integrate seamlessly with Level 1/Level 2 systems and tags can be applied manually or with an automatic tag attaching system.

Steel producers realize savings through a reduction in inventory and shipping errors, the elimination of the need to scrap material due to mis-identification, and productivity increases by automating the marking and tracking processes.

2D And Heat Number Tags For Hot Steel Slabs

Extreme Temperature Tags

Pannier printed metal tags are used by metal producers worldwide for tracking semi-finished and finished products. Attach to products up to 1000°C / 1800°F.

Color Coding

Durable Plastic Tags

Durable plastic tags and labels for tracking metals. Tear resistant thermal transfer printed tags withstand harsh conditions and temperatures up to 600°C / 1100°F.

Tags Stud Welded On Steel Rebar Bundles

Tag Attaching Systems

Attaching systems for applying tags to billets, slabs, bundles and coils. Simple hand tools for manual attaching or fully automated robotic systems.

Sheet & Strip Printers

Ink Jet Print Stenciling On Steel Strip

Large Character Ink Jet Printers

Automatically print company and product identification, size and heat information, and date and time codes with these fast, reliable industrial ink jet printers.

Steel Strip Printer

Galvanized Sheet Printers

The Pannier Super Ink Print-All is used for inline printing of logos, coating weights, and heat numbers on galvanized sheet.

Tinplate Line Pattern Printer

Differential Tinplate Printers

Mark lines or other patterns across or on the edges of differentially coated tinplate to indicate coating weight.

Stamping Systems for Permanent Metal Marking

Automatic Steel Billet Marking

Programmable Stamping Machines

Dot peen marking machines provide complete automation. Integrate with plant systems to automatically mark heat, cut, and grade numbers on hot or cold metals. Mark 2D Data Matrix codes for error-free inventory control.

Model 9200 Pneumatic Marking Hammer

Heavy-Duty Marking Hammers

Pneumatic hammers are a simple and reliable way to stamp heat and grade numbers on billets and blooms. Designed with marking heads that automatically adjust for legible marking even through scale or on uneven, cut surfaces.

Plate Mill Stamp Holder

Stamp Holders for Plate Marking

Safely mark plate with multiple characters using a custom-made plate mill stamp holder. Stamps can only be inserted one way and are then positioned correctly for an excellent impression every time.