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tagging hot coils of wire rod
high temperature and tear resistant bar code tags for wire rod processing
labeled coils of wire rod

A steel manufacturer uses Pannier high temperature metal tags to label wire rod after it is bundled into coils. The information on the tag includes the heat and lot tracking numbers, the customer name and order information, the product size and other details. This allows their customers to be sure of the steel’s tracking information up until it is formed into final products.

One of the company’s customers uses a hydrochloric acid pickling solution to descale the rod. The metal tags were not surviving this particularly aggressive acid, requiring the customer to relabel the product with a different type of tag. Pannier recommended the PXL1100 high temperature plastic tag that met the requirements of both the steel manufacturer and their customer.  PXL1100 tags survive high heat and acids and offer excellent tear and scratch resistance.

The PXL1100 tags are applied to the rod while it is still hot – from 350° to 400°F – and remain on the coils until they are delivered by rail to the customer. The tags remain intact as the coils go through the acid cleaning tank and a series of phosphate and rinsing tanks before the rod is drawn and formed into final products.

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