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The ARENA Class 1 laser enclosure features a 550mm x 440mm (21.6″ x 17.3″) loading area for marking medium sized parts. Part and tag holding fixtures can be easily attached to the T-slot base. The standard F160 lens can be used for marking parts to 200mm (7.8″) tall.

The door automatically opens and closes for easy part loading. The large inspection window allows the operator to safely view parts being marked.

EP100 Console for nanoVIS Laser

When used with the nanoVIS laser, the ARENA enclosure offers several automatic functions with the EP100 console.

  • turn the LED work lighting on and off
  • turn the red pointer on and off to aid in mark positioning
  • adjust the height of the laser for marking parts of different heights
  • open and close the enclosure door
  • start marking
ARENA laser enclosure
ARENA laser enclosure

ARENA laser enclosure

ARENA automatic door

ARENA automatic door

EP100 control console for nanoVIS laser

EP100 control console for nanoVIS laser

part loading area with LED lighting

part loading area with LED lighting

laser engraved parts

laser engraved brass parts

ARENA laser enclosureARENA automatic doorEP100 control console for nanoVIS laserpart loading area with LED lightinglaser engraved parts

W x D x H (closed)

550 x 675 x 750 mm
21.5″ x 26.6″ x 29.6″


48 kg / 106 lbs

Required Utilities

Power: 100/240V 50/60 Hz
Air (door): 50 PSI maximum


  • Tray part loading system
  • Rotary axis for marking round parts

Laser Sources

The ARENA can be used with several types of marking lasers depending on the material being marked.

Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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