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Automatic Tagging Systems
for Billets, Slabs, Bundles, and Coils

Safe, reliable bar code tracking for steel mills.

Automatic Tagging Systems for Billets, Slabs, Bundles, and Coils


Billet and slab tagging robot. PolyTAG BLE is fully-contained, automated tag printing and attaching system for the melt shop.

  • Integrated tag printing, attaching, scanning, and verification
  • Fast cycle times – tag a billet as fast as every 11 seconds
  • Industrial container is insulated and cooled to operate in hot environments
  • Cost-effective 1800°F metal bar code tags are printed without ink or ribbons
  • 30 systems installed worldwide


Tagging systems for bundles and coils. Automatically print and attach bar code tags to processed metals at up to 1000°F.

  • Autonomous labeling of up to 4,000 bundles before resupply
  • Economical metal tags and welding studs are 100% recyclable
  • Testing with 90 lbs of force ensures the strength of the weld
  • Recoil system protects the robot from damage in the event of collision with protruding pieces
  • 25 systems installed worldwide

Pannier Corporation and Polytec USA, a BM Group company, with their many years of steel industry experience, combine to provide North American metal producers with the most reliable automated marking solutions.

Pannier’s proprietary heat-resistant tags have been the standard for tracking steel for many decades.

Polytec’s vast experience in robotics for melt shops and rolling mills makes them a trusted leader in industrial automation.

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