Being able to precisely identify and isolate product defects eliminates the need to scrap entire batches of material. The use of automated marking systems eliminates marking errors and enables real-time production information to be imprinted on products before and after curing.

Meet DOT traceability requirements easily with the right marking system for your application. The use of indent markers, embossed tags, and laser marking systems enables molded rubber products to carry identification for their entire useful lives.

Printers for Rubber Products

Rubber Printing System

Rubber Printing System

The RPS is the only ink jet printer in the world capable of printing with co-curable rubber-based inks, used for marking tread and internal components.

Center Line Striping

Ink Jet Dot/Stripe Printer

Print dots or stripes on green or cured rubber for a multitude of product coding needs. Integrate with a PLC; dot sizes from .008″ to .24″.

Sidewall Dot Printing

Large Dots & Stripes

Print dots and stripes up to 2.35″ on cured rubber products. Spray nozzles resist clogging and can be used in any orientation for easy integration.

Contact Printing On Rubber

Contact Code Printers

Economical code printers for marking flat uncured or cured rubber. Uses interchangeable letters and numbers for simple product identification.

Rubber Stamping & Embossing

Indent Marking On Rubber

Rotary Indenting Wheel

Indent recipe codes and date codes onto uncured rubber as it’s extruded. Large, deep characters remain legible through anti-tack solutions.

Indenting Rubber Hose

Rubber Extrusion Marking

Mark rubber hose or other extruded products with company name, logos, industry specifications, and more.

Debossed Metal Tags Mold Identification

Tags for Retread ID

Create debossed tags with unique numbers for in-mold identification of new or retreaded tires. Simple, hand-operated benchtop unit.

2D Codes On Sidewalls

High Volume Tag Debossing

Easily create large quantities of embossed or debossed tags for use in tire molds. Computer-driven embosser integrates with plant systems for mistake-proof ID.