This fully programmable, portable stamping machine is the ideal solution for permanent marking on metal pipe and tube, cylinders, and other round products. The Portable Pipe Marker uses dot peen marking technology, where a marking pin forms characters, logos, and 2D Data Matrix codes for high-quality and consistent marking.

The marker can store hundreds of marking jobs, each with one or more lines of information. The adjustable fixture uses four compression springs to automatically fit the stamper snugly onto pipe sizes ranging from 0.75″ to 10″ diameter. The maximum height of a mark when marking along the length of pipe is typically 1/4 of the pipe’s diameter.

Easy To Program, Easy To Mark

Information to be marked can be typed on the system’s AC500 touchscreen controller, retrieved from a file, or the operator can scan bar codes on job paperwork for easy, error-free product identification. Once the marking job is loaded, simply position the marker on your pipe and press the start button on the marking head to begin.

Deep Marking

The unit is also available with the ADP12160D Deep Marker head for extra-deep marks on downhole oil tools and other products that require lasting identification.

Portable Dot Peen Pipe Marker
Portable Dot Peen Pipe Marker

Portable Dot Peen Pipe Marker

ADP5090 Portable Pipe Marker

ADP5090 portable pipe marker

Pipe Stamping Machine

automatic indent marking on pipe

Stamped Text And 2D Codes On Metal Pipes

stamped text and 2D codes on metal pipes

Marking Machine For Steel Tube

text marking on steel tube

Portable Dot Peen Pipe MarkerADP5090 Portable Pipe MarkerPipe Stamping MachineStamped Text And 2D Codes On Metal PipesMarking Machine For Steel Tube
Offset Printer

Offset Pipe & Tube Printers

Offset printers are designed specifically for marking on pipe, tube, bar, flats, and other extruded products.

T55 Hand Bar Tube Printer

Hand-Held Code Printer

Hand-held printer for marking small production runs or for off-line marking of bar and tube.

Roller Dies

Roller Dies

Shaft-mounted steel dies are custom-made to continuously mark on flat or round moving materials.

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