HR high resolution ink jet printers with HP® print technology utilize the thermal ink jet (TIJ) technology that is trusted by millions of users of office printers. The robust stainless steel housing, intuitive operation, and well-conceived print head design make this coding and marking system suitable for unlimited industrial applications.

Each cartridge offers a print height of 12.7mm, and print heads can be stacked for larger print heights. With its integrated Ethernet interface and full Unicode support, the HR printer is the ideal for product serialization and track & trace projects.

Maintenance-free Replaceable Ink Cartridges

HR print heads actuate the printing mechanism in the replaceable ink cartridges. So every time you change a cartridge, your printing is like new. There are no sensitive components that need to be cleaned or adjusted to keep your system operating. Ink jet printing has never been this simple.

  • changing a cartridge takes only seconds
  • print text, date codes, bar codes, and 2D codes
  • up to 600 dpi print resolution
High Resolution Package Coding
High Resolution Package Coding

high resolution package coding


high resolution thermal ink jet print head

HR Controller With Integrated Keyboard

HR controller with integrated keyboard

Print Head With Replaceable Ink Cartridge

print head with replaceable ink cartridge

Print Heads Stacked For Printing Large Messages

print heads stacked for printing large messages

High Resolution Printing On Individual Products

high resolution printing on individual products

High Resolution Package CodingHigh Resolution Thermal Ink Jet Print HeadHR Controller With Integrated KeyboardPrint Head With Replaceable Ink CartridgePrint Heads Stacked For Printing Large MessagesHigh Resolution Printing On Individual Products

Ink Jet Printer Stenciler Metals

DOD Ink Jet Printer

Large character ink jet printers for printing text and logos in industrial environments.

High Contrast Printing On Metal

Pigment DOD Ink Jet Printers

DOD printers for printing high-contrast white or colored marks on dark materials.

Super Ink Print-all Rotary Printer

Super Ink Print-All

Economical flexographic printers for printing high resolution repeating messages.

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