Pannier ink coders are designed for simple, low-cost printing on all types of flat materials. They are a simple solution for printing information like grade, lot, and date codes, logos, customer information, and more. Available in a variety of configurations, choose from hand-held or fixed-mount coders for marking individual products or continuous web materials.

All coders use interchangeable rubber dies for quick and easy changing of the printed message. Dies can be ordered in complete strips, multi-character logotypes, or single characters. Mix and match character sizes, symbols, and logos for all your print jobs.

Inline Code Printer

In-line Code Printers

Code printers designed for carton coding, piece marking, or printing on continuous web material.


Hand-held Code Printers

Hand-held printers for simple printing applications and small production runs.

T55 Hand Bar Tube Printer

Hand Bar & Tube Printer

Hand-held printer for marking small production runs or for off-line marking of bar and tube.