Pannier has nearly a century of experience in designing and manufacturing custom flexographic printers for printing text and logos on all types of  materials. Printers can be designed for printing on narrow or wide web materials, slow or fast moving production lines, horizontal or vertical pass configurations, and top or bottom mounting arrangements.

  • Ideal for in-line logo and text printing on building materials, metal sheet, and textiles
  • Built to suit the exact size of your material and logo size/repeat specifications
  • Friction-driven printers accommodate variable line speeds up to 1,000 feet/minute  (300 meters/minute)

Built to Suit Your Production Needs

Pannier flexographic printers are custom-built specifically for your application. Each printer is designed and built to meet the exact requirements of the individual customer.  We can design and manufacture mounting structures and control systems for automatic operation on your production line.

From concept to installation, Pannier works closely with you to ensure that all requirements are met.

Custom Wide Flexographic Printer
Custom Wide Flexographic Printer

Custom wide flexographic printer

Wide Fabric Printer With Mounting Structure

Wide fabric printer with mounting structure

Insulation Printer

Insulation printer

Custom Wide Flexographic Printer Wide Fabric Printer With Mounting Structure Insulation Printer

Inking Systems

Most printers feature reverse-angle blade ink metering systems, which apply a precise and consistent amount of ink to the printing dies, ensuring quality prints and fast and even ink drying. Spray inking systems or other designs may be used, depending on your particular application. Printers can also be designed to accommodate frequent color changes.

Mounting Structures

Structures for large or multiple printers can be manufactured to suit your needs. Structures can allow traverse movement to move the printer off-line when not in use or for maintenance and die changes.

The following information must be taken into consideration for Pannier to provide a quotation.

  • Material to be printed: substrate, width, and surface condition
  • Production line speed
  • Ink color and drying time requirements
  • Size of printed message and how often message will change
  • Desired location of printed message and how often message will repeat

To aid us in recommending the type of printer installation to meet your needs, please complete our Printing Questionnaire or send us a copy of your specifications.

Industrial Printing Ink

Contact Printing Inks

Inks and solvents for use in offset and direct printing methods.

Super Ink Print-all Rotary Printer

Super Ink Print-All

Economical flexographic printer suits many industrial printing applications. Prints from 1/8″ to 4-3/4″ characters and designs.

Inline Code Printer

In-line Code Printers

Code printers designed for carton coding, piece marking, or printing on continuous web material.

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