Durable metal and plastic identification tags enable manufacturers to track products in the harshest industrial environments.  Metal tags withstand extremely high temperatures, acid baths and cleaning processes, painting and galvanizing, and prolonged exposure to weather.  Specialty plastic tags can be supplied with full-color printing and offer temperature, weather, and tear resistance.  Pannier tags are ideal for these and other difficult product identification applications:

  • Bar coding hot steel slabs, billets, and blooms
  • Tracking fabricated steel pieces through production, finishing, and shipping
  • Lifetime traceability of automotive parts and assemblies
  • In-mold identification of forgings, castings, and molded products
Laser Printed Metal Tags

Printed Metal Tags

Print text, bar codes, logos, and more on on metal tags for extreme industrial identification.

AES Embossed Metal Tags

Embossed Metal Tags

Create metal tags with raised or deeply indented characters that survive painting, galvanizing, and cleaning processes.

Blank Metal Tags

Blank Metal Tags

Blank metal tag materials available in coils or singles for use in tag marking machines or for small tagging jobs.

Plastic Performance Labels

High Performance Plastic Tags

Heat, acid, and tear resistant labels for tracking metals in harsh production processes.