The Model O Arbor Press is a compact, manually operated metal tag debosser. The aluminum tags it produces are ideal for molding applications such as applying TIN numbers to tires. The press can accommodate tags 3/8″, 1/2″, or 7/8″ wide, with a minimum tag length of 1-3/4″. Tags are available with pre-made holes or slots for precise placement in the mold.

Character “fingers” are easily removed and inserted into the finger holder. With the fingers in place, simply insert a tag and pull the handle to deboss all the characters at once. Extra holders can be ordered to eliminate the need to change frequently used information.

  • Creates debossed aluminum tags used for identifying cast or molded products
  • Quick-change character holder accommodates up to eight 1/4″ (6.4mm) characters
Model O Tag Debosser
Model O Tag Debosser

Model O Tag Debosser

Model O Tag Debosser

Model O Tag Debosser

Metal Tag Debossing Machine

Metal tag debossing machine

Debossed Metal Tags

Debossed metal tags

Debossed Metal Tags Mold Identification

Debossed metal tags mold identification

Model O Tag DebosserModel O Tag DebosserMetal Tag Debossing MachineDebossed Metal TagsDebossed Metal Tags Mold Identification
AES Embossed Metal Tags

Embossed Metal Tags

Order pre-embossed or blank tags for use in tag embossing machines.

Roovers Manual Metal Tag Embosser

Roovers Metal Tape Embosser

Emboss or deboss a single line of large, deep characters in metal “tape”.

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