Pannier specializes in heavy duty identification tags used for tracking industrial products.  Along with blank and pre-marked metal tags, we offer a variety of metal tag printing, embossing, and stamping machines for on-demand tag marking.

Laser Printed Metal Tags

Industrial Tags & Labels

Metal and high-performance plastic tags and labels for industrial product identification and tracking.

PLUS3 CO2 Laser Marking Tags

Metal Tag Printers

Print text, bar codes, 2D codes, and logos on metal tags for extreme industrial identification.

Automatic Metal Tag Embosser

Metal Tag Embossing Machines

Create metal tags with raised or deeply indented characters that survive painting, galvanizing, and cleaning processes.

Metal Plate Stamping

Tag Stamping & Engraving Machines

Stamp or engrave tags with one or more lines of text, logos, and 2D codes.  Manual and automatic systems.

Tag Label Stud Welding System

Tag Attaching Systems

Systems and supplies for fastening tags to metals.