Pannier offers a complete line of hand-held steel type and stamp holders for safe, mistake-proof marking on a variety of industrial products.  Holders are economical solutions for stamping part numbers, serial numbers, inspection symbols, and more. They can also be used for low-volume tag marking. Heavy-duty models, including our Supreme Safe Holders and Plate Mill Holders, are designed for marking hot and cold metals in mill environments.

  • Stamp multiple characters with a single impact for fast, error-free marking
  • Marks are consistent, ensuring legible and reliable identification
  • Holders keep workers’ hands away from the striking surface to minimize injuries and fatigue
  • Industrial construction ensures long life
  • Type retaining methods make character changes fast and easy

Single Character Holders

Single Stamp Holder

Single Stamp Holders

Safely hold a single hand stamp to keep hands free of the impact area.



Marking tool incorporates interchangeable characters with an internal energy section to eliminate the use of a hammer.

Inspection Hammers With Inserts

Inspection Hammers

Hammers are versatile tools for inspectors.  Use for marking, lifting, removing scale, cleaning weld points, and more.

Multi-Character Holders

Stamp Clear Type Holder

Stamp-Cleer™ Type Holders

Medium to heavy duty type holder for marking one line of characters into various industrial products.

Supreme Safe Type Holder

Supreme-Safe Type Holders

Heavy duty type holders for marking hot or cold metals with large characters.

Plate Mill Stamp Holder

Plate Mill Stamp Holders

Stamp holders for marking one or more lines of information on metal plate in the plate mill.

Shank Style Type Holder

Shank Style Type Holders

Type holder mounts to a press for marking multiple characters.

Roll Die Holders

Roller Dies

For continuous marking of moving products such as wire, pipe, lumber, and extrusions.