Pannier’s heavy duty steel stamps can be used alone or with a safety stamp holder for a variety of industrial marking needs. Several sizes and character styles are available for special marking applications such as nuclear component identification, limited depth marking, and inspection stamping. Hand stamps are sold individually or in sets.

  • Pannier stamps are made in the USA of specialty tool steel for extra toughness and shock resistance
  • Pannier’s heat treating process minimizes splitting, mushrooming, or spalling on the striking end
  • Special contoured striking end provides a longer life
  • Standard double-beveled face provides better quality marks and improved character alignment


  • shock-resistant tool steel with 57-59 HRC character end and 47-49 HRC striking end ensures maximum impacts in the toughest marking applications
  • M2 high speed steel available for marking products 1100ºF and hotter

Standard Character Sizes

  • 1/16″ to 3/16″ sharp face gothic character with 40° bevel
  • 1/4″ to 1″ sharp face gothic character with 45° bevel
Steel Hand Stamps
Steel Hand Stamps

steel hand stamps

Custom Multi-character And Symbol Hand Stamps

custom multi-character and symbol stamps

Steel Hand Stamp Set

Steel hand stamp set

Steel Hand StampsCustom Multi-character And Symbol Hand StampsSteel Hand Stamp Set

Character Face Styles

sharp face character

Sharp Face Character

flat face character

Flat Face Character

low stress character

Low Stress Character

micro stress character

Micro Stress Character (Dot Style)


Standard Gothic Font

condensed gothic font

Condensed Gothic Font

condensed gothic font

Condensed Dot Style Font

condensed dot style font

Pann-Ident® Font

pann-ident font

custom multi-character and symbol hand stamps

Multi-Character Stamps & Logos

How many characters can you stamp into metal with a single hammer blow?

Download the energy chart.

Information Required for Quotation

  • Character size and style
  • Readings for each stamp (single character, multi-character, logo or symbol) and quantity of each
  • Relevant details on the material being marked: type of material, hardness, temperature
  • Drawing, artwork, or sketch for custom logos or designs
Single Stamp Holder

Safety Stamp Holder

Stamp holder to keep fingers and hands injury-free during stamping.

Stamp Clear Type Holder

Type and Stamp Holders

Make hand stamping fast and easy with hand-held type and stamp holders.

Portable Dot Peen Marker

Dot Peen Markers

Portable pin marking systems for automatic, error-free part marking.

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