Roll and rotary marking methods are suitable for marking round and flat products. The nature of roll marking means that the mark is made one character at a time, reducing the amount of force required to create a mark.

Marking Round Products

Built especially for marking cylindrical items, Rotary Stamping Systems move the part so that the mark can be placed around the circumference of the part or along its length. Mark one or more lines of text and logos with ease and consistency.

Continuous Marking

Roller Dies and the Indent Markers are made for continuous marking of moving materials. They use the friction created by making contact with the product to move, creating consistent marks along the length of the product. Ideal for marking a wide variety of materials, either cold or warm, hard or soft.

Rotary Dot Peen Pin Markers

Rotary Dot Peen Machines

Programmable systems use a carbide marking pin to create marks of any size on cylindrical parts.

Roller Dies

Roll Marking Dies

Shaft-mounted roller dies are custom-made to continuously mark on flat or round moving materials.

Rotary Indent Marker

Indent Marker

Designed to mark up to nine characters on soft, moving material, such as extruded rubber.