Mark-First® impact marking presses make marking multiple characters fast and easy. Presses can be used with type holders, numbering heads, or shank-style dies to suit your application. Marking presses are an economical solution for repetitive or low-volume marking of parts or tags for a multitude of industrial applications.

Benchtop Impact Marking Press

Benchtop Marking Presses

Mark-First™ benchtop presses for simple marking of parts or tags with product information, logos, date codes, and serial numbers.

Fixed Mount Impact Marking Tools

Automatic Marking Presses

Marking presses designed to fit in automated production lines for repetitive marking and coding applications.

Shank Style Type Holder

Type & Type Holders

Type holders for marking one or more lines of information and interchangeable character type.

Numbering Heads

Numbering Heads

Numbering heads are ideal for easy character changing and automatic serialization.

Custom Steel Dies And Stamps

Custom-Made Marking Dies

Marking dies custom-made with your logo or message for easy, high-quality product coding.