Pannier offers several solutions for the permanent identification of hot or cold metals. Mark hot products as soon as they are cast or formed for reliable product tracking. All stamping products are made to withstand the extreme conditions of heavy industrial plants for years of reliable performance.

Heavy Duty Marking Hammer

Pneumatic Marking Hammers

Stamp one or more lines of information on the ends of hot and cold metal billets, forgings, and castings.

Heavy Duty Dot Peen Marking

Dot Peen Marking Machines

Dot peen marking systems offer fully programmable marking on semi-finished, long, and flat products.

Supreme Safe Type Holder

Supreme-Safe Type Holders

Heavy duty type holders are custom-made for marking hot or cold metals with several large characters in one swing.

Rotary Plate Stamper

Rotary Plate Stamper

Mark steel plate with several lines of information at regular intervals while it travels on the line.

Plate Mill Stamp Holder

Plate Mill Stamp Holders

Stamp holders for marking one or more lines of information on metal plate in the plate mill.