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Metal tags are the tough alternative to paper or plastic labels for identifying products in high heat environments, acids and cleaning solutions, shot blasting and cleaning processes, and prolonged exposure to weather.  With the use of a variety of attachment methods, identification remains intact for the life of the product to ensure lasting traceability.

Tag Nailing System
Stud Welding System

On-Demand Tag Making

Make your own tags when you need them. Pannier offers several metal tag embossing and printing machines to suit a wide range of applications.  Whether you need just a few tags a day or a tag every few seconds, we have a system to meet your needs.

  • Traceability begins as soon as the product is made
  • No costly printing consumables such as ribbons or ink cartridges
  • Eliminate shipping delays – no need to wait for pre-printed tags to be delivered

Creating the Right Tag for Your Application

At Pannier, we are metal tag experts. Let us assist you in selecting a tag that meets your needs:

  • Single or coiled tag stock
  • Steel and aluminum material – variety of application-specific grades
  • High temperature and acid resistant coatings
  • Available in various widths and lengths
  • Tag configuration options:
    • holes for attaching with wire or tag clips
    • slots for attaching to banding
    • bare edges for welding
    • high-bond adhesive backing
    • pre-printed or pre-embossed with some or all of your required information to reduce on-site tag production time
    • Design Printed with colored logos, patterns, or messages to enhance your brand or improve inventory control
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