Printed Metal Tags

Pannier introduced the bar code metal tag in the 1980s as an alternative to less durable paper and plastic labels. Metal tags are made to withstand industrial processes in the steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industries.

Bar Coding in the Harshest Environments

Metal tags perform reliably in the most harsh manufacturing environments. Metal tags:

  • can be applied to red-hot products in excess of 1800°F
  • withstand immersion in acids, oils, water, and other fluids
  • are rigid and can be securely attached to products with uneven surfaces or products that have
    oil or moisture on the surface
  • will not tear, deteriorate, or fall off during handling, processing, or shipping
  • withstand prolonged exposure to weather conditions such as heat, salt, humidity, and UV rays
  • available in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials

On-demand Printing

Tags can be ordered pre-printed or blank for use with Pannier Metal Tag Printers. Information such as text, graphics, bar codes, and 2D Data Matrix codes can be printed in seconds. Tags are supplied in coiled form, nicked and notched for easy separation after printing.

Stocked Materials

MCL1000 Elevated Temperature Steel Tags
Withstand temperatures up to 1000°F/550°C and mild acid solutions.

MCL1800 High Temperature Steel Tags
Withstand temperatures up to 1800°F/1000°C and mild acid solutions.

MCL1800A Acid Resistant Steel Tags
Withstand temperatures up to 1800ºF/1000°C for extended periods and immersion in warm acid pickling baths. Download the data sheet.

MCL1000AL Aluminum Tags
Withstand temperatures up to 1000ºF/550°C for extended periods.

MCL1200AL High Temperature Aluminum Tags
Withstand temperatures up to 1200ºF/650°C for extended periods.

Ordering Options

  • Tags can be supplied with or without holes for attaching with wire or tag clips, slots for attaching to banding, bare edges for welding, or high-bond adhesive backing.
  • To reduce print times, tags can be pre-printed with some or all of your required information.
  • Tags can be Design Printed with colored logos, designs, or patterns to enhance your brand or improve inventory control.