Plastic & Fiberglass Tags

More durable than paper labels, plastic and fiberglass tags provide years of lasting performance in industrial applications. Tags can be used in the warehouse for labeling bins, racks, and aisles. They are also ideal for durable, high-quality product identification.

Fiberglass Tags
Plastic Labels

High performance plastic labels for in-process, inventory, and shipping labeling of metal bundles and coils.

Fiberglass Tags
Fiberglass Tags

Bar codes and other information are embedded within fiberglass to withstand harsh environments.

Printed Plastic Tags
Plastic Tags

Credit card size tags in a variety of colors for light-duty industrial tagging needs, such as bin and tooling identification.

Sunlight K3 Plastic Card Printer
Plastic Card Printer

Tabletop card printer for creating black & white or colored plastic tags for shipping and inventory uses.