Model 416 Tag Embossing Machine

  • Emboss or deboss up to 20 characters on metal tags for reliable product traceability
  • Customized embossing slides allow for mix & match character sizes and styles
  • Optional automatic tag feed enables fast production of identical tags

The Model 416 is a heavy-duty marking system capable of embossing one line of information, up to 20 characters long, on metal tags. Characters are selected by the operator by rotating a character selector wheel which moves each character slide to the required position.

The unit accommodates 1/2" wide or 7/8" wide tags and is adjustable for different tag lengths. Tags can be supplied pre-embossed with your company name or other identification.

Model 416-B

Coiled tag stock is fed through the machine by hand. Each tag is embossed by depressing a manual foot pedal.

Model 416-G

Tags can be fed through the machine by hand or fed by an automatic tag feed system. Tags can be embossed in large quantities by holding down the electric foot pedal.