Roll marking machines offer a fast and efficient method of permanently marking either round or flat parts. Consistent, high-quality marks are made by rolling hardened dies into the part one character at a time, exerting minimal pressure on the part.

  • Low stress marking method uses less force than other types of marking
  • Deeper marking can be achieved by repeating the marking cycle multiple times
  • Mark thin-walled material without distorting the part with the use of a mandrel support

Round Products

Mark round parts up to 40″ in diameter.

Flat Products

Mark flat parts with messages up to 7″ long.

MB-71N Roll Marking Machine
MB-71N Roll Marking Machine

Model MB-71N Roll Marking Machine

Roll Marking A Solid Round Part Held With Cradle Rolls

roll marking a solid round part held with cradle rolls

Roll Marking A Round, Hollow Part

roll marking a round, hollow part

Type Holder With Numbering Head For Marking Round Parts

type holder with numbering head for marking round parts

Roller Die For Marking On Flat Parts

roller die for marking on flat parts

Custom Type Holder For Roll Marking Machine

custom type holder for roll marking machine

MB-71N Roll Marking MachineRoll Marking A Solid Round Part Held With Cradle RollsRoll Marking A Round, Hollow PartType Holder With Numbering Head For Marking Round PartsRoller Die For Marking On Flat PartsCustom Type Holder For Roll Marking Machine

41 Series Models

Mark round parts .315” to 2.5” in diameter (8mm to 65mm).

Model MB41N Model MB41E

Model MB41N

Manual benchtop machine. Pull the handle to move the sliding table underneath the marking head. The friction of the part contacting the marking head causes the part to rotate on the roller supports while marking.

Fixtures: S1R, S1R mini, S2R, S2R mini

Model MB41E

Motorized marking machine mounted on its own table. Place the part on the roller supports and press the dual hand buttons to actuate the marking cycle.

Fixtures: S1R, S1R mini, S2R, S2R mini


71 Series Models

Mid-size marking systems capable of marking rounds or flats. The working tables are fitted with spring washers to even out differences in diameter and to achieve consistent mark depth.

  • mark rounds up to 4.3″ diameter (110mm)
  • mark flats with messages up to 7″ long (180mm)
  • 6.7″ x 6.3″ (170mm x 160mm) working table features 10mm T-slots to accommodate a variety of part holding fixtures
  • use the adjustment wheel to set the proper height of the working table to mark your part
Model MB71N Model MB71E

Model MB71N

Manual operation by rotating the top handle to move the marking head back and forth.

Model MB71E

Electrically operated machine is actuated by pressing the dual hand buttons.

Model MB71EP Model MB71CE

Model MB71EP

Electrically operated unit with additional pneumatic raising and lowering of the working table.

Model MB71CE

Designed for integration into a production line for marking bar, tube, and other long products at up to 20 feet per minute.

Model MB71EU

Model MB71UE

Designed for integration into production lines.


76 Series Models

Model MB76E Model MB76E90

Model MB76E

Mark parts up to 40″ (1000mm) in diameter with messages up to 7″ (180mm) long.

Three models available:

N: manual marking

E: electric actuation

EP: electric actuation with pneumatic feed of the part to the marking head

Model MB76E90

Mark horizontally placed round parts and flanges up to 25.6″ (650mm) in diameter with messages up to 7″ (180mm) long.

Two models available:

E: electric actuation

EP: electric actuation with pneumatic feed of the part to the marking head

Marking Dies and Roller Support

Standard and custom fixtures and special mounting arrangements are available to suit your specific application. Talk to a Product Specialist for more details.

Roll marker type holder and type MB2 numbering heads

Type Holders & Type

Type holders can accommodate one or more lines of interchangeable type.

Numbering Heads

Heads with pre-engraved character wheels make message changes quick and easy.

custom engraved die S1R roller supports

Custom Engraved Dies

Dies can be engraved to your specifications with logos and text.

S1R Mandrel Supports

S1R and S1R Mini mandrel supports hold hollow, thin-walled parts to minimize distortion.

S2R roller supports S2R2 adjustable rollers

S2R Roller Supports

S2R and S2R Mini roller supports hold round parts while they rotate during the marking process.

S2R2 Roller Supports

Adjustable roller supports for large parts or for marking various size parts.

Marking Flat Parts

SR 100 roller die holder Engraved roller die and mark

SR100 Roller Die Holder

Roller dies can be provided with mortices to accommodate interchangeable type.

Custom Engraved Roller Dies

Solid engraved roller dies can be made to your specifications.

Roller Dies

Roller Dies

Steel roller dies are custom-made to continuously mark on flat or contoured profiles.

Dot Peen Rotary Marking On Round Parts

Rotary Stamping Systems

Mark around the circumference or along the axis of round and cylindrical parts.

Talk to a product specialist about your
marking project.

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