Automatic impact presses make in-line part marking fast and easy. Consistent, controlled-depth stamping is accomplished on the production line for part numbering, branding, and serial numbering applications. Presses can also be used for such operations as punching, pressing, bending, riveting, and piercing.

  • Mark multiple characters in one stroke
  • Mount in any direction
  • Mark depth is easily controlled by adjusting the impact spring

Pneumatic presses are actuated with a solenoid valve or two-hand safety button switches.  The cylinders are double-acting, requiring air to be supplied for both the stamping and return strokes. A four-way pneumatic valve is required for activation.

The impact mechanisms can be used alone when space on the production line is limited.  The customer must design a way to move the mechanism and bring it in contact with the part to activate the impact spring.

Fixed Mount Pneumatic Marking Presses
Fixed Mount Pneumatic Marking Presses

pneumatic presses with mounting brackets | MB-19VP, MB-21VP, MB-35VP

Mark-First Impact Stamping Mechanisms

Mark-First impact mechanisms

Marking Cycle: 1) Extend 2) Contact 3) Spring Release

marking cycle: 1) extend 2) contact 3) spring release

Inline Impact Marking Presses

inline impact marking presses

Automatic Impact Marking Machines

automatic impact marking machines

Fixed Mount Pneumatic Marking PressesMark-First Impact Stamping MechanismsMarking Cycle: 1) Extend 2) Contact 3) Spring ReleaseInline Impact Marking PressesAutomatic Impact Marking Machines
Model Maximum Stamping Force (tons) Pneumatic Drawing
MB-19VP 1,300 lbs / 600 kg Download
MB-21VP 7,700 lbs / 3500 kg Download
MB-35VP 16,500 lbs / 7500 kg Download
MEC-15/19 1,100 lbs / 500 kg Download
MEC-20/21 6,600 lbs / 3000 kg Download
MEC-32/35 14,300 lbs / 6500 kg Download

Calculate the pounds of force required per character:

Character Size Annealed Brass Annealed Aluminum Low Carbon Steel Medium Carbon Steel Cast Iron Alloy Stainless Steel (300 Series)
1/16″  (1.6mm) 200 200 340 400 400 445
3/32″  (2.4mm) 400 400 680 800 800 890
 1/8″   (3.2mm) 600 600 1,020 1,200 1,200 1,300
5/32″  (4.0mm) 1,000 1,000 1,700 2,000 2,000 2,200
3/16″  (4.8mm) 1,400 1,400 2,400 2,800 2,800 3,100


Example:  Marking six 1/8″ characters into low carbon steel:  1,020 X 6 = 6,120 pounds of force required. The Model MB-21VP can be used, as it can apply a maximum of 7,700 pounds of force.

Type Holders For Marking Presses

Type Holders & Type

Stocked and custom-made holders can accommodate one or more lines of type.

Numbering Head

Numbering Heads

Heads with pre-engraved character wheels make message changes quick and easy.

Two Hand Security Buttons

Security Buttons

Located on either side of a pneumatic press, the Dual Palm Security Buttons must be depressed at the same time to actuate the marking cycle. Keeps operators’ hands clear for safe operation.

Air Filter-regulator

Air Regulator

To clean and lubricate shop air, a filter-regulator-lubricator is recommended for use with all pneumatic presses.

Benchtop Impact Marking Press

Benchtop Marking Presses

Benchtop presses for simple marking of parts or tags with product information, logos, date codes, and serial numbers.

Integrated Dot Peen Marking Head Controls

Dot Peen Marking Systems

Fully automated pin marking systems integrate with factory systems via EtherNet/IP, I/O, or serial communication.

VIS Marking Laser For Integration

VIS Marking Lasers

Lasers in various wattages for automatic marking.  Embedded controls – no PC required.

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