REA-JET Small Character Ink Jet Printer

  • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) technology for high-speed, high-quality printing on a variety of products
  • Designed for industrial environments - IP54-rated, sealed cabinet interior stays cool and clean
  • Standard printer prints one, two, three, or four lines of information

The REA-JET SC Ink Jet Printer is ideal for printing small characters, bar codes, and high-quality logos on porous and non-porous materials. The printer is user-friendly and is designed to operate reliably with minimal maintenance. The automatic fluid viscometer control keeps viscosity in optimum range for high performance.

One-touch Start & Stop Functions

One-touch start and stop functions combine several functions in one continuous sequence to make operation and maintenance fast and easy. During shutdown, the minimal fluid used to clean the system is returned to the make-up tank where it will not interfere with the viscosity of the ink.

One-touch Start Sequence

  • start the jet stream
  • set the modulation
  • set the voltage

One-touch Stop Sequence

  • turn off the ink stream
  • shut down the voltage
  • clean the printhead gun body, nozzle plate, and drive rod
  • flush the ink input and return lines
  • complete system shutdown

Unique Design

Look inside the cabinet to see a simple, streamlined design. The printer uses one main distribution block for moving fluids, eliminating the need for additional manifolds, solenoids, and pumps. Additionally, the power supply and amplifier generate little heat. Therefore, no vents or fans are needed on the cabinet, eliminating outside dust and debris.

Printing Options

Print up to four lines of text, including bar codes and graphics. Character sizes range from 2mm to 12mm high (.08" to .47").