The OMEGA is a Class 1 benchtop enclosure for the safe operation of a variety of marking lasers, paired here with the nanoVIS compact laser. Connect via Ethernet to a PC for programming marking jobs with the included Genius Software, and use the EP100 console to control the laser’s start/stop function.

The ample 340mm x 340mm (13.4″ x 13.4″) part loading area accommodates a variety of parts or tags for marking. Custom sizes are also available. The laser height can be easily adjusted for marking different size parts and to optimize mark quality.

Genius Software

Genius is easy to learn, multilingual, and includes many options for marking jobs:

  • Text, arc text, and basic geometric shapes
  • Automatic serial numbers, shift codes, and date codes in different formats
  • Bar codes and 2D Data Matrix codes
  • Logos and drawings in DXF, WMF, EMF, and PLT formats
  • TrueType fonts (TTF)
NanoVIS Marking Laser In OMEGA Class 1 Safety Enclosure
NanoVIS Marking Laser In OMEGA Class 1 Safety Enclosure

nanoVIS marking laser in OMEGA Class 1 safety enclosure

OMEGA 340mm X 340mm Part Loading Area

OMEGA 340mm x 340mm part loading area

EP100 Control Console For NanoVIS Laser

EP100 control console for nanoVIS laser

Manual Height Adjustment For Marking Different Size Parts

manual height adjustment for marking different size parts

ARENA Enclosure With VIS Laser

ARENA enclosure with VIS laser

NanoVIS Marking Laser In OMEGA Class 1 Safety EnclosureOMEGA 340mm X 340mm Part Loading AreaEP100 Control Console For NanoVIS LaserManual Height Adjustment For Marking Different Size PartsARENA Enclosure With VIS Laser


  • Twin part loading tray
  • Rotary axis for marking round parts
  • Programmable Z axis for automatic height adjustment
  • X/Y positioning table
  • Smoke extractor

Laser Sources

In addition to the nanoVIS, the OMEGA can be used with several types of marking lasers, depending on the material being marked.

  • VIS YVO4  laser for marking alloys, anodized metals, painted surfaces, and some non-transparent plastics (no PC required for operation)
  • CO2  for marking organic materials and plastics
  • Green for marking plastics
NanoVIS Compact Marking Laser

nanoVIS Marking Laser

Affordable, compact laser for marking a wide variety of materials.

VIS Marking Laser For Integration

VIS Marking Laser

Powerful and compact YVO4 marking laser available in several wattages.

ARENA Laser Enclosure

ARENA Mid-Size Laser Enclosure

Mid-size Class 1 safety enclosure with lighted part loading area and easy height adjustment for different size parts.

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