Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser marking is a non-contact thermal process that uses the heat generated by a laser beam to alter the surface of the work piece. The laser light must be absorbed by the material surface to generate the required heat for marking. Several marking methods are possible with lasers, making them the most flexible technology available for high-quality, permanent product identification.

Marking On Your Material

Is there a difference between laser engraving and etching?

Different process techniques can be used to produce the type of mark you require on your material. Some techniques create deep marks, some create high-contrast colored marks, and so on. Learn more about the different laser marking methods.

Is laser marking appropriate for your parts?  

Different types of lasers – and different wattages – produce different types of marks, depending on the material and surface condition of your part. Pannier product specialists and engineers are here to help you find the right solution.

Here’s also a great article that compares laser marking to other common part marking techniques that can be used to comply with the FDA’s unique device identification (UDI) requirements:  How How To Choose The Right Marking Technology For Your Application.

Sample Marking

Want to see what your product looks like with a laser mark? Send us a sample part and we’ll mark it for you. Experimenting in our marking lab with a variety of lasers and a variety of settings lets us help you achieve the ideal mark.

Let us help you find the right laser.

High Contrast 2D Codes On Plastic
High Contrast 2D Codes On Plastic
Laser Marking 2D Codes On Plastic Parts
Laser Marked Nameplate
Laser Engraving On Metal Rod
Laser Marking On Metal Parts
High Contrast 2D Codes On PlasticLaser Marking 2D Codes On Plastic PartsLaser Marked NameplateLaser Engraving On Metal RodLaser Marking On Metal Parts

Laser Marking Systems

VIS Marking Laser For Integration

VIS Lasers

Vanadate lasers built for integration. Embedded controls, compact footprint, and various wattages available.

NanoVIS Compact Marking Laser

nanoVIS Laser

The smallest marking laser in the world. Compact, lightweight, and affordable.

FYBRA Fiber Marking Laser

FYBRA Lasers

Powerful laser for fast, deep engraving and for etching hard-to-mark materials.