Building Products

Building Products

Pannier has many years of experience in helping manufacturers mark all kinds of materials used in the residential and commercial building industries.

Boards :: drywall, OSB, plywood, lumber, and composite decking
Flooring :: carpet backing, floor boards, laminate, tile, and brick
Sheet & Web Materials :: insulation, roofing, ducting, and landscaping materials
Hardware :: electrical components, hinges, valves, and fittings
Extrusions :: molding, trim, window frames, pipe, and conduit

Contact Printers

Flexo printers are ideal for printing high-quality logos, specifications, date codes, and more on flat surfaces. Choose from many standard printers and custom-designed printing installations, along with a variety of inks.

Ink Jet Printers

Industrial-strength REA-JET ink jet printers are designed to operate in difficult manufacturing environments. The patented, IP65 rated printers withstand dust, dirt, humidity, and a wide range of temperatures.

Indenting Products

Pannier offers a wide variety of indenting products for permanent product identification, from hand-held inspection tools to automated marking stations.