In-line code printers are a simple, economical solution for printing on moving materials. The printers use the friction of the passing items to trigger printing. Messages can be assembled on the print wheel using individual characters or logotypes (multi-character strips) for convenient message changing. As the print wheel rotates, ink is applied to the printing dies with an ink roll for clear and even printing.

  • Quick-change printing dies and ink rolls for easy message and color changes
  • Top or side mounting configurations can easily mounted to a shaft on a conveyor line
  • Suitable for printing porous and non-porous materials at up to 700 feet/minute (210 meters/minute)

Indexing Models

Indexing printers use a spring mechanism to return the print wheel to the same starting position after each mark is applied, placing the printed message in the same position on individual items. A small gap between each individual item is required for the printer to operate properly.

Non-indexing Models

Non-indexing printers rotate freely on their bearings and will stop at random positions when they disengage from the product being marked. These units are used for marking continuous materials.

Mini-Coder For Non-porous Materials
Mini-Coder For Non-porous Materials

Mini-Coder for non-porous materials

Carton Coders

Indexing Mini-Coder for porous materials

Midsize Coder For Non-porous Materials

Midsize Coder for non-porous materials

Carton Code Printers

Indexing Midsize Coder for porous materials

Conveyor Line Printer For Non-porous Materials

Conveyor Line Printer for non-porous materials

Model CM-61 Code Printer

Model CM-61 code printer


Model 6076 code printer

Mini-Coder For Non-porous MaterialsCarton CodersMidsize Coder For Non-porous MaterialsCarton Code PrintersConveyor Line Printer For Non-porous MaterialsModel CM-61 Code PrinterModel 6076 Code Printer
Printer Indexing Models Available Print Wheel Size
(Message Repeat)
Message Height
Mini-Coder 9.1″
Midsize Coder 12″ or 15″
305 or 381mm
Conveyor Line Printer 18″
Model CM-61 12″
Model 6076 12″, 18″, or 24″
305, 457, or 610mm


Multiple Wheel Code Printers

Printers can be custom-built with multiple wheels for printing on products that require information to be printed on pre-determined centers. Mounting structures and programmable ink delivery systems make installation and operation easy.

For larger printing needs, see Pannier flexographic printers.


Hand-held Code Printers

Hand-held printers for simple printing applications and small production runs.

Super Ink Print-all Rotary Printer

Super Ink Print-All

Economical flexographic printer suits many industrial printing applications. Prints from 1/8″ to 4-3/4″ characters and designs.

Offset Printer

Offset Pipe & Tube Printers

Offset printers are designed specifically for marking on pipe, tube, bar, flats, and other extruded products.

Industrial Printing Ink For Metals And Plastics

Printing Inks

Industrial printing inks for metals, plastics, and porous surfaces.

Rubber Printing Type Dies

Rubber Printing Dies

Rubber printing dies available as individual characters, multi-character strips, and custom graphics.

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