Pannier is the single source for all your printing needs. We offer a complete line of printing inks and solvents for contact printing and ink jet printing, as well as custom-manufactured rubber and photopolymer printing plates and dies for use in contact printers.

Ink Jet Inks Cleaners

Ink Jet Fluids

Inks and cleaners for use in industrial DOD ink jet printers.

Industrial Printing Ink For Metals And Plastics

Contact Printing Inks

Inks and solvents for use in offset and direct printers.

Rubber Printing Type Dies

Rubber Printing Dies

Interchangeable characters and segments for use in all rotary printers.

Industrial Rubber Printing Plates

Industrial Printing Plates

Rubber and photopolymer printing plates for use on contact printers. Custom-made from your artwork or sketch.