Programmable Stampers for Steel Mills

  • Heavy-duty marking systems designed for hot and dirty environments
  • Flexible and simple communication integration with shop-floor control software
  • Mark text, logos, and 2D codes automatically

Pannier has been designing heavy-duty marking systems for the metals industries for over 100 years. We know how to build equipment that performs reliably with minimal downtime. Marking systems incorporating programmable stampers allow metal producers and processors to automatically mark product information and track products throughout the plant.

Mark & Read Systems

2D Data Matrix codes and other machine-readable codes have become standard throughout industry, offering manufacturers an easy way to enhance product traceability. When designing mark-and-read systems, Pannier works with the leading scanner providers to create cost-effective solutions that are easy and fast to implement. Complete marking and tracking systems give manufacturers more visibility and control over production processes.

Billet, Bloom, and Bar Marking

Programmable stampers can be used at the cooling bed or saw station areas of a mill. Pannier designs rugged, heat resistant enclosures and structures for use in mill environments.  Mounting structures and slides are built for lasting performance.

Plate Marking

Whether in-line or portable marking solutions are needed, programmable stampers can be used for error-free marking of multiple lines of information.