Roller Dies

  • Easy, simple way to continuously mark your product
  • Segmented or solid dies for complete versatility for your application
  • Available in various diameters to fit your existing line and marking requirements

Steel roller dies are designed and manufactured to your specifications for continuous marking. They require less force than other indenting methods because only a fraction of the legend is indented at one time. They are suitable for indenting into metals, hard plastics, and other products.

Engraved Style

For applications where your information does not change, an engraved roller die can be made with single or multiple lines of text. Commonly used for marking flat sheets, billets, tubular shapes, and round or hexagonal bar stock.

Mortised Style

Fitted with interchangeable wedge-shaped dies that are held in place by set screws. Extra legend inserts can be ordered to fit in each mortice.

Sandwich Style

Uses interchangeable characters and segments that are held with a clamping ring. For use when marking messages that change often, such as date codes.

Concave Style

Mortised or engraved dies used for marking wire, tubing, and other round stock in various sizes. Bare wire marking dies can accommodate wire sizes 1/16" to 1/4" in diameter.

Information Required for Quotation

  • Desired reading (and number of repeats, if applicable)
  • Character size and style
  • Desired size of bore (mounting hole)
  • Whether a keyway is desired and size (3/8" wide standard) to keep roller die in place on a keyed shaft
  • Relevant details on the material being marked: type of material, dimensions, hardness, temperature, line speed, etc.
  • Mounting information: top or bottom of line, whether or not a back-up roll is required