Roll Marking Machines

  • Use one machine to mark both round and flat parts
  • Uses less pressure than other types of marking, which reduces distortion and provides a quality mark on thin-walled material or uneven surfaces

Roll marking machines offer a fast, efficient method of stamping either round or flat parts. Consistent marks made with less pressure can be achieved with the use of steel roller dies for flat parts or type holders with individual type for round parts.

Manual Model MB-41N

Small, hand-operated unit uses flat dies to mark flat surfaces or round parts up to 2.5" (65 mm) in diameter.

Manual Model MB-71N

Large, manual machine for marking parts up to 4.3" (110 mm) in diameter.

Pneumatic Model MFR-05

Bench mounted, air operated machine for marking flat or cylindrical parts up to 8" in diameter. Available with an adjustable table that uses X and Y slots and 16 tapped holes for easy mounting and fixturing. The table is raised and lowered manually or automatically with the use of optional dual palm buttons (Model MFR-05PM).

Fixturing & Supports

Fixed and adjustable cradle rolls and supports are available for marking round pieces. Custom fixturing can also be made to your specifications.