Numbering Heads

  • Mark multiple characters at once for quick and consistent identification
  • Wheels and frames are manufactured from top-quality steel and heat treated for optimum life
  • Direct-reading wheels allow for an easy front view to see which characters are in marking position

Standard and custom manual and automatic numbering heads are designed for quick, easy serial stamping. Can be used by hand or in an impact press.

Shank-Style Numbering Heads

One-piece wheel and ratchet construction for reliability and consistency, shank-style numbering heads can be used with Pannier's Mark-First® Impact Presses or your own press. Standard sizes range from 3/64" to 1/4" characters, and custom sizes are available.

Manual Heads – Feature locking mechanisms to keep each wheel in place. After unlocking, each wheel can be turned by either hand or with optional levers.

Automatic Heads – Ten-wheel heads with up to six automatically indexing wheels make serial numbering fast and easy.