Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems

Hand-held dot peen marking systems offer error-free marks and operator safety and ease in many industrial marking applications. Mark one or more lines of text – including automatic date codes and serial numbers – 2D Data Matrix codes, and logos for permanent identification of metal products. Data can be entered manually on the controller, automatically received via a connection to a host system or bar code scanner, or custom software can be designed to meet your specific production needs.

MarkFirst Portable Dot Peen Stampers
MarkFirst Portable Markers

Lightweight and versatile hand-held marking systems are available in several sizes.

Portable Pipe Marker
Portable Pipe Marker

Hand-held stamper for marking various diameters of metal pipe with text and logos.

ADP120160D Deep Marker
The Deep Marker

Make extra deep marks in metals that remain legible after shot blasting, painting, and galvanizing.

Portable Plate Stamper
Portable Plate Marker

Stamper with heavy duty electro-magnets for marking steel plate and structurals.

Custom Portable Stampers
Custom Portable Marking

Portable marking systems designed and built to suit your unique requirements.