Automatic Dot Peen Marking Systems

Automate the marking process by integrating a MarkFirst dot peen stamper into a production line or testing station. The compact marking heads fit into virtually any space for seamless production cells. The quality construction and advanced controls allow for fast, accurate marking on metals and plastics.

AC500 Controller - Easy to Use and Loaded with Features

The MarkFirst dot peen marking systems take pin marking to a new level with the revolutionary AC500 controller. Built for easy programming and integration, the AC500 features a touchscreen display and variety of ports for maximum connectivity. It offers many benefits to production engineers and machine builders that can't be found on other marking systems:

  • Connect to a host or devices via the serial, I/O, Ethernet, and USB ports
  • Optional EtherNet/IP port for integration with PLCs
  • 64 MB internal flash memory safely stores hundreds of marking patterns
  • Use pattern-specific or global serial number functions
  • Marking History and Statistics files record detailed history information
  • Firmware upgrades, new languages, and files are uploaded via the USB drive
  • System settings, marking patterns, and files can be downloaded via USB for backup and transfer
  • Built-in security levels for Users, Supervisors, and Distributors prevent unintended changes
  • Controller can also be used to program other manufacturers' marking systems

Integrating the MarkFirst Marking Systems

The AC500 controller and ADP5090 and larger marking heads are rated IP40. Mounting the controller vertically increases its rating to IP61. The external power supply meets CE, UL, CSA, and EISA 2007 standards. The power supply must be stabilized and the working environment should not have major electromagnetic fields. Download the brochures at right for specifications and drawings.

Build the System That's Right For You

Marking Heads (Marking Window Size) Marking Pins Supports & Fixturing

ADP2560 (25mm x 60mm / 1" x 2.4")
ADP5090 (50mm x 90mm / 2" x 3.5")
ADP120160 (120mm x 160mm / 4.7" x 6.3")

ADP120160D Deep Marker
ADP300400 (300mm x 400mm / 11.8" x 15.7")

3mm Dot Peen
6mm Dot Peen

12mm Dot Peen*

18mm Dot Peen*

3mm Vibropeen

Standard Mounting Column
Electric Auto-Z Axis
Rotary Fixtures
Slides and Custom Fixtures

* Used with the Deep Marker only.