M8-IP Dot Peen Marking System

The M8-IP stamper is ideal for integration into harsh manufacturing environments. The IP65 rated marking head features a watertight bellows and hermetically-sealed enclosure to protect the unit from dust, dirt, and fluids. The bellows is make of a special rubber able to resist oils like those used in CNC machinery.

  • 80mm x 50mm (3.1" x 2") marking window
  • Mark text, graphics, and 2D Data Matrix codes
  • Carbide marking pin marks metals, plastics, and other hard materials


The controller has an I/O and serial port for communication and control. The SISM graphical interface program (run on a PC) allows for easy marking job momdification and archiving, and graphic file input. Options include a bar code scanner or other serial source input and an integrator interface package.

Fixturing & Supports

Standard fixtures, enclosures, and supports are available for marking various marking applications. Pannier also builds custom turnkey systems – including hardware, software, and integration with existing systems – to suit our customer's specific requirements.