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Failproof part marking and tracking is easy with modern
marking solutions designed for integration.

Pannier is a valued supplier of marking solutions to auto makers, part suppliers, machine builders, and systems integrators. Understanding the need for fast, accurate, error-free part traceability in the automotive industry, we offer the world’s most advanced direct part marking equipment and labeling systems.

Part Marking Systems

Dot Peen 2D Code Marking On Automotive Casting

Dot Peen Systems for Integration

Setup is fast and easy with the advanced AC500 touchscreen controller. Available with embedded EtherNet/IP communication capabilities.

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Heavy Equipment VIN Marking

Portable VIN Stamping

Portable dot peen marking machines make VIN marking easy. Automation eliminates errors and worker injuries. Extra deep marks remain legible after painting.

Portable Dot Peen Markers >
The Deep Marker >

Part Number Stamping Presses

Impact Marking Presses

Marking presses for high-quality, repetitive marking. Stamp company logos, part numbers, date codes, or use numbering heads for automatic serial numbering.

Inline Marking Presses >
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Laser Marked Metal Part

Laser Marking Machines

VIS marking lasers are built for integration with a compact footprint and embedded controls for stand-alone operation.

The powerful FYBRA fiber marking lasers can mark moving materials with the mark-on-the-fly (MOTF) option.

Bar Code Tags For Tracking Engines And Transmissions

Printed Metal Tags

Track parts and assemblies with durable metal bar code tags laser printed on-demand. Tags withstand high heat, acids and fluids, and weather.

Bar Code/2D Code Metal Tags >
PLUS3 Laser Metal Tag Printer >

Unique Id Tags For Castings

Embossed Metal Tags

Embossed metal tags withstand extreme processes and can be used for unique ID of castings. Make tags automatically with Pannier jam-free tag embossers.

Embossed Metal Tags >
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Dot Printed On Plastic Automotive Part

Dot & Stripe Printers

Automatically print dots or stripes for color coding, defect marking, pass/fail marking, and location marks. Easy PLC integration.

Dots and stripes up to .24″ >
Dots and stripes up to 1.2″ >

Ink Jet Printing On Mufflers

Ink Jet Printers

Automatically print traceability information with ink jet printers built for industrial environments.

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